What is the most important for a modern woman?  

We have no doubts in answer – her image. Something extraordinary, that makes a woman distinguished, stylish and amazingly attractive. Something that gives a woman confidence and reliance. Something you can’t describe with words – charm, romance and overwhelming fascination.


«Intende di vincere» – a phrase that came from the land of fashion and beauty – sunny Italy. «She intends to win» - this is how this phrase translates. The same is with INDIVI clothing – it is not just a style! INDIVI is an explosion of color and perfect shape – a brand new philosophy of what Style is. A Victory over the ordinariness and bored standards that have long been no surprise. INDIVI proves that being charming is an art that is accessible to every woman!


Products which we are honored to offer you are created by true professionals who are ready to break all stereotypes, conquer the foundations and create something completely different and new. Something that causes genuine delight. Our clothing will compliment every curve of your body with perfect shape, color and tiniest piece of fabrics. Everything matters! We make every single detail serve to your individuality.


INDIVI is a real modern legend, an elegant clothing of confident and stylish fairer sex. It is high time to look at yourself in a completely different light - in a glorious light of INDIVI.